Stretch Wrap Systems Overview

Stretch Wrap Equipment

We are uniquely qualified to help you

We are experts in the application of stretch film with over 25 years experience. You will find a complete line of industry leading tools, machines, and stretch film for every application. Most importantly, we have the experience to guide you through a process that results in your total satisfaction.

Save money with our one-of-a-kind programs*

Pay the lowest price available anywhere on a stretch wrap machine and if you qualify, use our equipment FREE when you purchase stretch film and other packaging materials from us (call for details).

3 things you simply must do to save money

  1. Think cost per load to wrap and not price per roll
  2. Some suppliers try to win your business by cutting prices - we know there’s a better way. Give us15 minutes and we’ll tell you exactly how much you are paying to wrap a pallet. We simply cut and weigh the amount of film you are using. Then we wrap the same pallet with our stretch film and machine and compare the results. It’s not unusual to save customers enough to pay for a new Phoenix stretch wrapper or retrofit your existing machine with a new film carriage. Call today and set up an appointment!

  3. Use one of our Phoenix stretch wrap machines for FREE
  4. We can often cut the amount of stretch film you use by 50% or more! Add up how much you spend every year and cut it in half if you are using handwrap or have an older or competitive stretch wrapper. The Phoenix exclusive film carriage and control features means maximum savings to you – often enough to pay for a new machine in one year or less. Call today and set up a time to try a machine for a week and free roll of stretch film!

  5. Work with an expert who knows equipment AND stretch film

You don't trust your car to an amateur so why trust your hard earned money and valuable products to anyone other than an expert? We offer a dream team of resources including expert advice, a workhorse Phoenix stretch wrapper, and a high performance, low cost AEP stretch film.

Customer Quote

"In my opinion, Master Packaging is always prepared to deliver packaging materials and supplies in a fast efficient manner with competitive pricing in mind. We find the Phoenix stretch wrapper to be easily transportable, simple to use and overall very time saving. I would say, no one more than our forklift operators appreciate the timesaving and convenience factor of the Phoenix stretch wrapper."
- Jeff O., Bottling Manager, Cakebread Winery

Stretch Wrap Systems