Plastic Strapping, Stretch Wrap Equipment, and Custom Packaging Solutions

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DJ Friend – Packaging Equipment Specialist
Brianne McCullough – Customer Care Mgr.
Gary McCullough – President
“Over 55 years combined experience”

We are much more than a list of products, a slick brochure and low prices.

Compare our program to your current supplier and see for yourself who can provide the best overall value and satisfaction for your time and money.

Find expert advice, passionate customer care, and long-term support

With over 30 years experience, we provide proven, real-world solutions and not pie-in-the-sky theories. Unlike many competitors who have come and gone over the years, we have a proven track record of providing long-term customer support. And we genuinely try to see things from your perspective.

Our slogan says it all

Packaging Solutions Done RITE

  • We LISTEN to you
  • We focus on YOUR NEEDS
  • We treat you as a GUEST


Rely on Master Packaging for Plastic Strapping, Stretch Wrap Equipment, and Custom Packaging Solutions.

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